The Best Beatles Movies

Image of each beatles band member on a collection of stamps taken in Germany

One Direction (which is away from where they keep the musical talent)

It is difficult to imagine just how massive you have to be as a band to get to the stage where you can casually star in a load of movies about your band and their antics. I mean, most people can only dream of reaching that level of stardom, and even if they did nowadays, films about bands starring the bands themselves aren’t likely to be that well received; that era is sort of over in a way, since people aren’t mesmerised by even the biggest of bands these days, with the exception of One Direction, though people that like this band without a hint of irony are stealing the oxygen that the rest of us were going to use to appreciate artists with actual musical talent who aren’t a product of a piss-poor band-manufacturing process. One such band is The Beatles, who were perhaps one of the most iconic bands in the history of music, earning pretty much every drop of their fame through musical talent and brilliant song writing; those who have compared them to One Direction literally need a “medical examination” that ends in them not coming home from the “medical exam”, ever. Now, let’s take a look at some of the films that The Beatles were party to, shall we?

A Hard Day’s Night

I’m sorry to those that wanted to see Yellow Submarine take priority on this list but one can’t argue with an IMDB rating of 7.5, which is quite impressive considering that this is a film whose plot is basically the following of The Beatles from Liverpool to London as they get into adventures, misadventures, and escapades along the way. Rescuing Paul McCartney’s grandfather and locating Ringo (who goes missing before their performance) are just a few of the jolly adventures that The Beatles go on in this film, which

Yellow Submarine

There’s nothing more iconic than both Yellow Submarine and the song of the same name, is there? His was released in 1968 and is as far from A Hard Day’s Night as you can possibly imagine. The whole thing is of course a cartoon that involves an entire world that has been overrun by “Blue Meanies”, and guess who’s tasked with bringing happiness back to the land with the power of music? Why the Beatles of course, who do so in spectacular visual style that plays out like a hallucination in parts. Apparently, much attention was paid to making the movements of each of the Beatles as realistic as possible, adding to the bizarreness of it all. A 7.2 on IMDB has earned this second place in this listing.


This movie is where things get hectic for the Beatles. Gone are the days of following them from Liverpool to London to cover escapades leading up to a gig; Ringo has been sent a ring from a girl that was supposed to be sacrificed, and if said ring is not returned, the next sacrifice will be Ringo himself. As you can imagine, more crazy adventures are had that border on the wacky, resulting in the Beatles’ fun side appearing amidst the real-life crisis of Vietnam, a situation that was worsening at the time to which Help! provided a bit of light, escapist relief.

Magical Mystery Tour (TV Movie)

These days, most TV movies deserve to be laughed off the screen before they even get the chance to roll the opening credits, but things were different back in the days of The Beatles, and Magical Mystery Tour is evidence of this more innocent and accepting time. Receiving a mere 5.9 on IMDB, this movie wasn’t the greatest (which is why it is fourth in a list of 4, obviously), but one must remember that the band were still reeling from the death of their manager at the time. The film is therefore a little scattered and erratic, but for many it is still their favourite Beatles movie. Many say that if you try and get into the shoes of the band in this movie then it isn’t so bad, but I can’t seem to bring myself to enjoy this psychedelic mess of plot and dialogue.