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Though I was never around at the time to appreciate the musical wondrousness of The Beatles, the miracle of analogue and digital media allows me to enjoy their songs to this very day. Perhaps some of the magic of the 60's is lost through the decades and cannot be recreated but the band's albums speak for themselves, having influenced hundreds, if not thousands of today's musicians from all genres. Though enjoyment of music is a largely subjective affair and quantifying the merits of each song is somewhat of a futile exercise in the end, one can generally agree on what were the filler and what were the killer songs from the band. Though I don't for one second hope to or even think that I can change your current opinion on your favourite Beatles songs, I hope that this list will one day reach even one person out there and encourage them to listen to even one of these songs, hopefully leading to exploration of the full back catalogue and the discovery of a level of musical talent and song-writing genius that you simply don't see in this day and age. Think of this as a rough top ten list of The Beatles' most pleasing songs.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Haunting in its very own way – probably due to the fact that sections of the song had to be both sped up and slowed down to reconcile different takes that Lennon insisted on choosing. Clear inspiration from hallucinogenic substances is seen here, but the result is an incredible song that stunned the rest of The Beatles when Lennon returned after writing the song. Don't worry, rest of The Beatles: we are equally as moved when listening to this song as well.

Hey Jude

hey jude

Nah. Nah, nah, na-na-na naaah, and so on and so forth. That's right, Hey Jude has to be in this list of course but I'm not falling for the trap of giving it the very top spot: that would be too obvious. Still, this song is the subject of many a man's drunken wails and is almost anthemic in nature, giving it this fine example of a Beatles song a dominant position in the list.

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

It's not the most impressive song by The Beatles, at least in a musical sense, but there's something about this song, which Lennon insists isn't intended to act as a reference LSD, that makes it fantastic to listen to and an extremely memorable number from the band. Perhaps the “girl with the kaleidoscope eyes” wasn't an hallucination after all and truly was a figure that Lennon desired to come and save him from a failing marriage and hopeless situation.

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Ticket To Ride

Getting heavy with Ticket To Ride, The Beatles themselves admitted this was more of a coarse sound than the usual, with Lennon having claimed that it was actually one of the very first records of the heavy metal genre. Heavy guitars and solid drumming are invitations enough for you to take a ticket to ride.

A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day's Night

Off-the-cuff comments often develop into the central lyric or idea for a song, and this one from Ringo became the title for one of their films and the titular song. The chords of this song (particularly the opener) have become synonymous with The Beatles and the hysteria surrounded them.


A song featuring only George Harrison and some wonderfully simply chords and strumming patterns on his electric guitar, Something was what Lennon described as “the best track on the album”, and he wasn't far wrong about this. 

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